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Train Like an Olympian - Using Online FSA & COBRA Tools

Posted by Jim Hayes on Wednesday, February 05, 2014 @ 03:22 PM

FSA and COBRA Online TrainingThe Winter Olympics begin this week in Sochi and we are all excited to watch athletes from around the world compete. These athletes have trained four plus years for events spanning mere minutes. From eating well, getting plenty of sleep, strength training and conditioning they have prepared in every way imaginable. While most of us aren't competing for gold over the next month we can all train to do our jobs better which includes utilizing tools that can make our jobs easier.

All COBRA and FSA administrators should provide online accounts for their clients. This typically includes the ability to run reports, access individual account information, add/terminate employees and securely upload data. The beauty of online access is that it is available 24/7 and is not dependent on a person's availability or normal working hours. Our online systems provide employers with the following:

Online FSA System

  • Add / Terminate Employees

  • Change Employee Information / Elections

  • Reconcile Contributions with Payroll Data

  • Discrimination Testing

  • Securely upload sensitive employee information to 24HourFlex

Online COBRA System

  • Add Qualified Beneficiaries (QBs)

  • Add New Hires

  • See Copies of all Communication sent to QBs

  • Run detailed reporting

One of our goals in 2014 is to improve how we provide training for our online FSA and COBRA systems - allowing our clients to do their work easier and more efficiently. We now run weekly training sessions for FSA and COBRA systems. These training sessions are a great way to learn about our online tools, get a quick refresher if you've forgotten something, or to see a demo of how our systems work. To sign up for or watch one of our pre-recorded FSA or COBRA Training sessions click here.

Let us know if there are other areas you'd like to see training for as our goal is to help you do your job better. Just leave a comment below or send us an email at

Go team USA! Photo: Olymic Medal image from Andy Miah, creative commons license, May 30, 2013.

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