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New to 24HourFlex? 6 tips and tricks for easy account management

Posted by Meri Christenson on Thursday, January 24, 2019 @ 10:54 AM

helpIt’s a new year and for those being first time users of 24HourFlex benefits (or for those who just need a refresher), it’s a good time to review where to find the tools and resources to easily manage your accounts.

1) Access help online

Here you will find quick links to manage your account, download forms, read training posts, watch training videos and much more!

2) Log into your Consumer Portal!

Manage your account online and do things like view your account balances, manage expenses, file claims, upload receipts and track how you have been spending your money.

3) Download the mobile app for your Apple iOS or Android devices – search for 24HourFlex Mobile24HourFlex app

Just like the consumer portal, you can view you account balances, manage expenses, file claims, upload receipts and more all on the go.

4) Search for eligible expenses

Wondering if a heating pad is eligible to buy using your FSA or HSA funds? Yep

How about a housekeeper? Nope

This is a quick and easy way to determine if what you need can be purchased with your FSA or HSA.

5) Always save your receipts!

There are times when 24HourFlex will ask for a receipt to validate that the purchase was for an eligible expense. When submitting a receipt it must include:

  1. The date service was received or purchase made
  2. An itemized list of services provided or products purchased
  3. The name of the provider or merchant
  4. The cost of the products or services

Examples include an EOB (explanation of benefits – you can get this from your insurance company), an itemized bill showing the amount you actually paid, or a standard receipt showing each item purchased – credit card slips don’t count because they don’t include all the information above.

6) Contact us!

We are here to help:

Email: (for FSA, HSA, HRA, and Commuter questions) (for COBRA questions)

Live Chat on Available Monday-Friday, 7AM to 6PM Mountain Time


Our call center representatives are available Monday-Friday: 7AM to 6PM

Local: 303-369-7886 | Toll Free: 800-651-4855

To activate your 24HourFlex Debit Card: (866) 898-9795

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