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Feature Focus: Receipt Organizer

Posted by Sierra Betterley on Thursday, February 06, 2020 @ 12:13 AM

At 24HourFlex, we believe that if you're not growing, you're dying and we take that very seriously. This is a theme you'll find throughout our organization and technology is no exception.  Our robust mobile application and consumer portal is constantly updating and improving to make our consumers' lives easier and their health spending accounts manageable.

One of the newer features of your 24HourFlex portal and app is the Receipt Organizer.



Why Use The Receipt Organizer?

    Life is hectic and sometimes little things like receipts are the last thing on your mind until you need them. With the Receipt Organizer in your 24HourFlex app, file claims while you have the receipt on hand, before it disappears with all the missing unmatched socks

    With FSAs come substantiation requests, but with the Receipt Organizer, submissions are snap! Next time you use your 24HourFlex debit card, add the receipt to the Receipt Organizer. If that transaction requires substantiation, it’s there waiting for you!

    For those consumers investing their HSA money now, the receipt organizer can help you keep immaculate records so you can save up with more options when you need it most. The days of keeping itemized receipts in a shoebox are gone!  Saving receipts and keeping detailed records is always a must. Itemized receipts should match your HSA withdrawals to the penny. If you get audited you would have to chase down drug stores, doctor's offices, or hospitals for receipts. Their billing department will have access to a line-by-line breakdown of the year's spending.  Skip that step with the Receipt Organizer. Snap a picture of the receipt, file HSA claims, and defer disbursement. Note: FSA & HRA claims must be filed according to the employer's plan design.

How Does The Receipt Organizer Work?



✓ Scan your receipt to your computer or take a photo with your mobile device.


✓ Upload the receipt through the Receipt Organizer in your 24HourFlex portal or mobile app.


✓ Receipts are organized by date and will show a green post-it note on the image when used.


✓ When filing a claim, instead of uploading documentation from your browser, choose Receipt Organizer.





So get an early start on your spring cleaning! Dust off that box of receipts, lighten your wallets, organize your life. Well, at least your receipts.


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